CimNavigator is a client application program that can be used to create/update/delete arbitrary CIM objects (including associations) in CIM Object Managers. In addition, the program can be used to graphically navigate the associations between CIM objects.

Important, please read!

The good news is that a new version of the CimNavigator binary is now available. The bad news is that I am now charging a (small) fee for it. You are welcome to download the software and use it for an evaluation period of up to 30 days. After 30 days you are obligated to pay for it or you must remove it from your system.

Please review the CimNavigator license before downloading.
Information about registration may be found here.

Upgrade Note: If you unzip this file in the same directory as a previous installation of CimNavigator, the configuration files in the config directory: Aliases.txt, BranchAssocClasses.txt, and BranchObjectClasses.txt will be overwritten. Thus, any configurations that have been made regarding the selection of which object and association classes will be displayed, and their display names/icons will be lost. It is therefore suggested that the above files be renamed (perhaps with a .bak extension) or backed up to another directory before installing the latest version. Once the new version is installed, the default configuration files can be replaced with the backed up or renamed versions.

Anyone who has previously registered CimNavigator should be able to use their existing registration key with this version.

CimNavigator version 1.1.0.F may be downloaded here.

Getting Started

Review Getting Started guide for installation and configuration information.

User's Guide

The User's guide will help you to see what you are getting in to.

Legal stuff

Here you will find the license agreement for CimNavigator. Please read this important agreement.

CimNavigator contains components developed by other entities. This section contains the legal declarations for the various components.


The WBEMServices client api is used for CIMOM communication. The license information for WBEMServices may be read here. This link will take you to the WbemServices home page for additional information.


OpenSLP's libraries have been used to provide SLP lookup servies. From the OpenSLP website: "OpenSLP is a continuation of an SLP implementation started at Caldera Systems, Inc.". Please read the appropriate license information at here.


In order to use OpenSLP, the file log4j.jar is required. For convenience, I have included this file in the CimNavigator distribution. It is, however also available from Apache's site here. Please read the appropriate license information here.

The layout algorithm was inspired by work contained in the Royere project.

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