Editing Branch Object Classes

To set the classes that will be branches in the Instance Tree, select Edit|Branch object classes... from the main menu to display the following dialog box.

To add a branch class to the Instance Tree, enter its name in the Add class text field and press the Add button.
To remove a branch class from the Instance Tree, select its name in the Root classes scroll pane and press the Remove button.
When the dialog box is dismissed, the instance tree will be refreshed to display all of the branch classes, the first-level classes that inherit from them, and any class instances. Note that if both a class and its parent class are set as branch classes, the child class will be 'relocated' as a child of of its parent.
New! An alternative way to add a branch class to the Instance Tree is to search for it. Select Edit|Find class in tree... from the main menu, enter the name of the class to be added in the input text field, and press the OK button. You will see a dialog indicating that the class was not found in the tree, with the option to search the CIMOM. Answering Yes will result in a request to the CIMOM for the specified class. If found, a new dialog will be displayed that allows you to add the class as a branch object class to the Instance Tree. Checking the Make addition persistent will cause the class to be included in the Instance Tree next time CimNavigator is run.

Values for this dialog are saved in the BranchObjectClasses.txt file in the config directory.

Editing Branch Association Classes

Editing association branch classes is accomplished in exactly the same manner as eding branch classes as described here. To edit branch association classes, select Edit|Branch assoc classes... from the main menu.
Values for this dialog are saved in the BranchAssocClasses.txt file in the config directory.

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