Editing Namespaces

Selecting Edit|Branch object classes... from the main menu displays a dialog box that can be used to create or delete namespaces, or to select a namespace as the 'current' namespace.

Select one of the following buttons:
New... - presents a dialog that allows the user to create a new namespace.
Delete - deletes the selected namespace from the CIMOM. Note that an "Are you sure?" dialog will be presented to allow deletion confirmation.
Current - makes the selected namespace the 'current' namespace. That is, when the dialog box is dismissed, the Instance Tree will be rooted at the selected namespace.
Interoperability note - CimNavigator no longer uses the deprecated __Namespace pseudo class. Note that not all of the CIMOMS yet support the CIM_Namespace class as described in the DMTF document Specification for CIM Operations over HTTP, DSP0200. Therefore, one may need to create or delete namespaces using the CIMOM's native utilities.

How it works - The CIMOM is checked against a list of namespaces for the existence of an instance of CIM_ObjectManager. If found, the namespace is flagged as the 'interop' namespace. Next any 'CIM_NamespaceInManager' associations are enumerated that have the previously found CIM_ObjectManager instance participating in the 'Antecedent' role. Finally, for each found CIM_NamespaceInManager association instance, the instance participating in the 'Dependent' role is assumed to be an instance of CIM_Namespace, and therefore added to the list of found namespaces.

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