Editing Program Preferences

A number of preferences may be set using the Preferences editor dialog. This dialog is comprised of three pages and may be accessed from the main menu by selecting Edit|Preferences....

The options available from the Display page are:
New! Show instructions on dialog boxes - placing a check in this box will cause brief instructional text to be displayed at the top of most dialog boxes. Clearing this box will cause this text to not be displayed.
Supress class name prefixes in tree - placing a check in this box will cause all characters preceeding and including the first '_' character to be supressed. Thus, the class CIM_ManagedSystemElement would be displayed as ManagedSystemElement.

The Associations page contains preferences relevant to the Associations Graph panel:
Association depth traversal - specifies of the number of association levels to be traversed away from the 'selected' node. If Traverse all is checked, all association levels will be explored. To specify a depth to which associations may be traversed, clear this checkbox and enter an integer value in the text box.
Select graph background color - allows for the selection of a color to serve as the background for the Associations Graph.

Certain application behaviors may be modified by settings on the Behavior page:
Update Properties Using: - allows for the setting of how properties are updated to the CIMOM. Selecting setProperty causes the setProperty operation to be used. Since setProperty has been deprecated for the WBEMServices client APIs, an alternative mechanism setInstance, may be used. Delete indication subscriptions on exit - placing a check mark in this box will cause any indication subscriptions on the CIMOM to be deleted on program exit. If this box is cleared, no indication subscription instances will be deleted when CimNavigator exits.

The values for this dialog are persisted in the CimNavigator.properties file.

Editing Object Display Properties

Right-clicking on any class node in the instance tree will display a context menu of options relevant to the selected class. Selecting Edit node display properties... from the menu displays a dialog that allows for the setting of display characterics related to the class and its instances:

The Class page is used to set the icon to be used to decorate the currently selected class tree node. This should be a 16x16-pixel image located in the images directory. If desired, the same icon can also be used to decorate instance nodes in the Instance Tree or the Associations Graph. Use the Browse button to navigate to an existing icon file.

Similarly, the Instance page can be used to set the icon used to decorate instance nodes in the Instance Tree, which may be different than that used for the class node.
The Label property drop-down box is used to select a property that will be used to label class instances.

The Graph page is used to set an icon to be used to decorate instance nodes in the Associations Graph.

All of these values are persisted in the Aliases.txt file located in the config directory.

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