Method Invocation

When an instance is selected in the instance tree, any methods on that instance will be displayed in the Methods tabbed pane as shown below. Selecting a method from the Available Methods list will cause the Arguments panel to be populated with the input and output arguments for the method, and the Qualifiers panel will be filled with any qualifiers pertinent to the method.

Select the in tab and right-click on arguments to enter appropriate input values. Note that for 'reference' input arguments, one can drag the desired instance to the reference editor. Or if preferred, the class, namespace, and key values may be entered directly.
When all arguments have been entered, click on the Execute button to invoke the method with the specified arguments. The method's return value will be displayed in a dialog box, and any 'out' arguments can be viewed by selecting the out tab.

The Method Return Value is displayed as a 'raw' value (that is, as it was received from the CIMOM), as well as a 'formatted', more user-friendly value. This formatting depends on the method's qualifiers.

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