Registration via mail

Please use the following form to order registration keys by mail.  This registration 
form may be used to register several user IDs at the same time.  Additional 
information about registration, may be found here.

The registration steps are:
1. Complete this form.
2. When the form is complete, click on the Submit Order button.  An order notification
   will be sent to DuskFire, Inc. and your browser should display a summary of the order, 
   including the total amount due ($69.00(USD) X number of user ids entered below).  
   Colorado residents please add 2.9% sales tax.
3. Please print the summary page and send it along with payment to:
	DuskFire, Inc.
	2020 Meadow Vale Rd.
	Longmont, CO 80504
   Of course, you can simply fill in the form, print this page, and send payment to the
   address listed above.  Be sure to include an email address to send the license keys to.

4. Once payment is received, the registration key(s) will be sent by email to 
   the address specified on the order form.

Thanks very much for registering CimNavigator!

Order Form
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