New with this version of CimNavigator is the option to register the software.
If you choose to register the Early Access version of CimNavigator, your license key will also apply to all subsequent 1.x.x General Availability versions of CimNavigator.

Registration is tied to the user id of the person using the software. This registration scheme allows a user to use CimNavigator on multiple computers, as long as the user has the same user id on all computers.

If more than one person needs to use a single copy of CimNavigator on a particular machine, they must all have a common user id on that machine. Additional license terms are contained in the license-cimnav license file.

If you represent an institution of higher learning and are interested in using CimNavigator for research or educational purposes, please contact me with details for special pricing.


The price to register CimNavigator is only $69.00(USD). If CimNavigator saves you only 2 hours of time, then it will have already paid for itself. Most users say that it has saved them far more than 2 hours (one user has told me that CimNavigator has saved him weeks of effort!).

If you are affiliated with an institution of higher education and are interested in using CimNavigator for research or educational purposes, please contact me for special pricing.

We do believe in giving something back to the community, so for each copy of CimNavigator that is registered, DuskFire, Inc. will donate $5.00 to an organization called Water For People. We believe that there is no more fundamental human need than for clean water.
Water For People's mission statement is:

"Our vision is of a world where all people have access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and basic health services. A world where all people have safe drinking water and a world where no child dies from a water-related illness."

Registration via PayPal

To make a credit card payment via PayPal, enter the User ID to be registered in the field below and click on the ADD TO CART button (note that you can do this multiple times to register multiple users). You will be taken to PayPal's secure payments site for payment options. Once the payment process has been completed, registration keys will be generated and sent to the email address associated with the PayPal account. If you would like the registration key(s) sent to a different email address, just mention it in the 'Additional comments' section of the PayPal order page.
If you don't know what your registration User ID is, click here.
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CimNavigator Registration, Price: $69.00 USD
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Registration via mail

If you prefer to register CimNavigator by mail, please use this online form.

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