Navigating Associations

To view the associations of a class or an object instance, just drag the class or instance from the Instance Tree and drop it onto the Associations Graph panel. All associations that have a reference on the class or instance will be requested from the CIMOM and displayed, along with the other classes or instances referenced by the associations. This process will be repeated recursively to the depth that has been specified in the Preferences dialog.
To rearrange the nodes according to the well-known Fruchterman-Reingold algorithm, select Tools|Layout from the main menu.

Hovering the mouse over any node or edge will cause the display of a 'tool tip' displaying the name of the class or association, respectively. Right-clicking on a node or an edge, will cause a context-menu to be displayed. Selecting Properties from this context menu will cause the properties editor dialog to be displayed, allowing for the viewing or editing of the object's properties.

Creating New Association

Right-clicking on any instance node in the Instance Tree will display a context menu. Selecting Create association... will display a dialog box allowing for the creation of an association between the selected instance and one other instance.

The initially selected node will be displayed as Instance 1. To set the other reference of the association, drag the desired instance node from the Instance Tree to the panel labled Instance 2. Now select the desired association class from the Available associations drop-down box. The listed associations are filtered such that only those that can have a reference to an instance of the class selected as Instance 1 are displayed. If the references for the association are not correct, they can be swapped by clicking on the Swap references button. Pressing the OK button will create the new association and dismiss the dialog.

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