New! Registration Option

New with this version of CimNavigator is the option to register your software. Registration is tied to the user id of the person using the software. This registration scheme allows one to use CimNavigator on multiple computers as long as the user has the same user id on all computers.

If more than one person needs to use a single copy of CimNavigator on a particular machine, they must all have a common user id on that computer. To register the software, select Help|Register... from the main menu to display the registration menu.

To register your copy of CimNavigator, just click here and follow instructions to obtain a registration key.

The current user id is displayed in the red box. This user id is what you must submit when requesting a registration key. When you receive a registration key, just enter (or paste) the 10-digit string the indicated text field and press the OK button. The registration key is stored in the user's file stored in the user's user.home directory.

Nag Screen

An unregistered copy of CimNavigator will periodically display a nag screen to remind the user that the copy of CimNavigator is not registered. The frequecy at which the nag screen is displayed increases the longer that CimNavigator is used.

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